Maybe just for a while.

Our event ended some days ago and I’m still on the way to recover. I woke up quite late yesterday, had something for lunch, went back to bed, had sauna, ate something, then went back to sleep again. The cycle repeated itself today, just a bit different in some tiny details like what I had for lunch or there will be no sauna. Other than that, I find myself revolve around the bed and nothing else. It is the most comfortable place in the apartment, and I’m most at ease when lying down on bed with just underwear on and rolling around. I feel a bit lonely though. Sometimes, the wish of having a boyfriend is unbearable.

I’m still thinking about how I can move forward from now on. There are many options, yet it feels like there is none at all. It’s difficult to think that I’m nearly 23, and lost. Maybe I can be back to my bed for now. Just for a while. Just for a while.



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