Fun stuffs.

I’m eating rice. Of course it is cooked, but it is still plain rice. I really like the smell and the taste of a-bit-overcooked rice. The bottom layer is slightly burned, not too hard, just soft enough to chew. Eating rice like this while watching We10 in YANTV makes life feels so light and relaxing.

I came across tumblr today and found this: Best of Auto-correct. I was literally lol reading it this morning/noon after I woke up. It was hilarious. I have to say that Sex and the City had big contribution in helping me understand this kind of thing. I don’t know it’s good or bad (yet), but at least I had good time.

Another fun thing is this: Khám phá hòn đảo mèo kỳ lạ. I want to be there in that island. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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