Maybe not too bad.

When I think back about today, it had not been good right from the start. Somehow a fly managed to get in my room in the morning and woke me up. Actually, to chase me out of bed, because I would had left the bed already 15 mins before that but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. So, in the end, the fly helped. In a very annoying way, but it did. I didn’t see it after that. I didn’t kill it, by the way. (I still think “fly” is a beautiful word, even if it appears to be an ugly and awfully bad species).

I worked only in half a day. It’s pretty easy now to get permission to leave the office early. I didn’t try to take advantage of it, because it just means that I will have to work harder in order to deliver my report on time, before Brown leaves for holiday.

I had good lunch. “Brown was sensitive and Doina was nice, as usual”. Therefore, in the end, I took the bus at 1:40p.m instead of the 1:10p.m one.

Remembering every previous packages took me two trips to Tulli, this time I took all the necessary documents with me. Unfortunately, being too efficient can be quite bad at times. Before I realized, the officer finished the declaration. As a result, I had to pay tax, which I shouldn’t have to, since I’m a student. Nothing could be changed anymore, because obviously the declaration was made. The only thing I can still do is to file a complaint with hope that I can get my money back.

In the bright side, I met a handsome and cute bus driver in the bus back to the center. I count it as a little compensation for my depressing result in the crowded Tulli. I got the package right from the first time which is amazing, but I needed something more, just to feel a bit better.

I don’t know because of the heat in the bus or the bad feeling I had already or the combination of both, but I felt terribly exhausting when I got off the bus again in Valkeakoski. It was as if I could fall on the street and sleep right away for a thousand year (which is a bad scene, but who cares anymore). I made it home in the end. And after gathering some bits of my energy together, I went out again.

It was a wise decision. The weather was nice. I could wear only the dress with no coat and no scarf and I didn’t feel cold. I sent the painkillers to Duc and went to buy some stuffs from S. I don’t think I would be able to do those for the next 4 days, so it was better to get them done today. The strawberry looked good and smelled good, but I still prefer cherry. I was lucky, because they ran out of cherry. 4€/l/day is a bit too much to afford. Then, I could smile again, all the way back home.

Buying garlic although I didn’t plan to make cold spring roll turned out to be a right decision. I had garlic to fry with zucchini. The piece of job advertise Wilma forwarded me sounded like it was made for me. The movie was good, and I’m now ready to sleep. A bad day – maybe it was not too bad.

*made by me from screen shots in Dear John


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