Letters to Juliet.

*screen shot taken by me from Letters to Juliet

There’s a certain kind of satisfaction to watch a movie which you know how it goes.

When the first man appeared, I knew he was not meant for her. When the second man stepped in, the thought “That’s him!” was there right away. When they started fighting, it was certain they would fall in love. A happy ending was a foreseen result. Then, what was the joy?

I don’t know about others, but it was the certain feeling when the characters met and I just know. It was that undoubted feeling about their love for each other. It was so clear and so obvious. It filled up the whole atmosphere and I was diving myself in that sweet sweet love.

I wish when I meet him, I will certainly just know.


One thought on “Letters to Juliet.

  1. Sophie: I love you. I can’t believe I said that. But I do, I do love you. It doesn’t… I mean, it shouldn’t matter to you, because you’re here with Patricia.
    Charlie: Patricia?
    Sophie: And you should be back with her right now.
    Charlie: Patricia is my cousin. She’s my cousin.
    Sophie: How is that legal?

    : )) : )) : )) : ))

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