Things can be worse, things can be better.

I still don’t know why it can turn out to be so bad now that GPD is over. Or because it is over so things turn bad? We shouldn’t have felt mistreated and demotivated. We shouldn’t be made to feel that it was our faults. It is not supposed to be like that. We made the conference. We made it. We made it beautifully even. With all the difficulties and pressures and sadness and all, we pulled it through. Why did it become so sad? I don’t understand.

Anyway, the good part of the day was when Doina, Phan Anh and I went to dinner in Armadillo and passed by Doina’s place for a movie. Pretty much a girls’ night, yes. We rented Invictus. Although I thought it would not be my type, I liked it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel the same if I watch it alone. The atmosphere was relaxing, the movie was great, and I laughed a lot. I need to laugh like that more often.

Well, it’s nearly midnight and things are currently good. I’m ready for a sleep.


“I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul”




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