Some lights after gloomy days.

After two (weird) gloomy days without rain, finally sunshine came. I don’t know how it went through the day, but the experience was sudden to me. When I went out in the morning, it was just around 15°C. When I got out of the office in the morning, I guess it must have gone up to 30°C. I wore a dress that covered me quite well, so it was pretty hot at the end of the day. Well, it kept me warm in the morning and during the day and in the bus. Furthermore, it made me feel like I was in an Asuh’s picture.

Our mood seemed to be better today. We had a long lunch again, and we rarely talked about GPD, just some sentences in the beginning. Doina talked about her family, which was fun and interesting. Her stories reminded me of my family. I thought about the email my mother sent me, saying she dreamed about me when I was in kindergarten. “It was still that school. You were still that tiny little small girl, and I still bought you the yogurt the teacher made before you went in class”… I don’t know how to reply. I want to tell her things are fine and she doesn’t need to worry, but I can’t. And I still don’t know how to tell my parents loving words. I hope they know. I think they do…

I also talked to Mikko A. Chatted, to be exact. I know him the least in the team, so it was nice to get to know him a bit more.

It gets late again and I haven’t made lunch for tomorrow yet. Maybe I can risk – not to make lunch now to get some sleep, then ask Harri to take me to buy lunch tomorrow? :p


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