The second last day in GPD.

Doina came while we were reading Eeva’s email. She joined in and talked about what Eeva explained to her the other day. Then we realized how we misunderstood each other, GPD team and Eeva. Although we did and things would have been better if we didn’t, at least now we don’t. It was like a stone was lifted from my shoulder (which I didn’t notice it was there until it left), knowing somebody who was part of the team, still cared about us, and willing to help.

After writing the report for a while, I asked Harri whether he wanted to go to the warehouse with me. We planned to go yesterday, but he was not in the office, so we went today. Anh mentioned about the A-sign, so she joined us also.

It was very very nice to go out of the office on a summer day. Of course it would feel great already if we have a weekend to go out. To me, it felt somehow even better when I stepped out of the office to the open air. The wind was cool and gentle. The sunshine was soft and loving. It was so fresh and precious.

We stayed in the warehouse for the while, mostly to look for the box which Doina said it would be there. We didn’t find it, but we brought back an umbrella for each 3 of us, and some coke for lunch.

Continued with the report for some time, then Harri took me to McDonald’s to buy salads for Harri, Doina, and I. After we went back, we had lunch which, again, was a long one. Mikko also joined us, so we had 6 in total. Again, we talked about all kind of weird stuffs. About how Wilma and I talk to each other, and how even much more fascinating between Harri and Wilma. About what we eat, what people eat, how it did happen. About being drunk, sex, bars. I laughed a lot, and I thought about what we discussed as well. Then I thought about how much I would miss this…

The afternoon was short. Wilma passed by my office once in a while, which helped me a lot in not falling asleep. The last time of the day when she were there, we were using Google Translate to look and hear “payroll” in different languages! That was totally hilarious!

Harri gave Wilma and I a ride again to the center. My bus card expired yesterday and I didn’t manage to renew it. It was not quite worth it to renew it now when I only have so little time left to come to the office, so I decided not to renew it anymore. Therefore, now I have to pay each and every single time I get in the us, which costs in total of around 20€/day. So you can imagine how thankful I was to Harri. And it was really fun to be in the car with both of them. Harri opened the car windows for the wind to blow in. I was waving my hand to welcome the wind flowing through my fingers. Wilma’s hair was fluffy in the wind, then she braided her hair without the need to use anything to tie it at the end. It was cute both ways.

Then I went home, had something to eat while watching Harry Potter premiere on live. It lasted for about 4 hours. I wonder how they would feel, all the people who were there. The fans who camped there from Monday. The film crew who met each other for the very last premiere of  the 10-year series. The staffs who worked hard to make this incredible event run smoothly. All of them. I wonder how they would have felt. Also the Harry Potter fans all over the world, which I can see a small part on tumblr. They make it live too, in their own way. The pictures, the quote, the gifs, were being posted and reblogged every seconds.

Everything comes to an end. The lasts will last, and maybe some things in between.


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