Come rain, come shine.

*Title is from a movie I watched that has Im Soo Jeong as main actress.

It started raining since yesterday sometime. I woke up at around 6:30 this morning, listened to the rain, and went back to sleep. I thought I would be able to sleep until noon, but I got a stomachache at around 9. I could feel it even when I slept, so I decided to get off the bed at around that time. It’s quite strange that I don’t remember what I did next. Hmmm, maybe I went to breakfast, then browsed some online pages, listened to some music channels, then I went back to bed again at around 10 and woke up again at around 12p.m. Pretty much as planned. Ah, I also sent Jorma a message asking whether he wants me to come to the office tomorrow, just to make sure. He said yes, to do some email stuffs and calculate my extra hours. Just thinking about it gives me headache. Really, I’m sick of dealing with those extra hours.

I cooked lunch, had lunch, washed my hair, and went to Nhung’s place. My original plan was to eat a bite of her birthday cake (she invited me to :”)) and to give the birthday card I chose for her.

Nhung's birthday cake, made by Dieu, recipe from Ngong : D

Well, but we decided to make korokke. So, before I realized, it was already 8p.m. I thanked Nhung for the piece of birthday cake, the warm welcome, and the korokke as a change for my dinner, then I left. (After that, I suddenly remembered I forgot my dear Sky Umbrella at her home. I forgot it everywhere!!!!)

Since the sun was shining and the weather was cool (the rain always makes big difference in temperature here in Finland), plus there was no mosquito, I took my tripod out to take some photos.

Some of you may have noticed this shirt.

Its picture was taken once when I was wearing it with a black short and a red scarf a while ago. This time I wore it with a black jeans (heavy tights) in Stocker Denim Collection, which actually didn’t make much of a difference in term of appearance…

As I said before, I’m not into anything else but dress/skirt these days. However, it was raining today. I had to get used to the fact that summer can be cold, specifically in Finland. I don’t mean “cool”. It’s “cold”. I’ve been having a sore throat, I wouldn’t want to get sicker by any chance. So that was it, the jeans. I have to say it’s currently my most favorite jeans. It fits me so well. Its material is very soft and elastic, which makes me – a person who doesn’t like wearing any sort of jeans/trousers recently – feels so comfortable with it that I had to buy. If you want to get one or just want to try it out, you can try it in stocker (the one next to Esprit) in Tampere. If the Summer Sale is still going on, you can buy it with 25€. Its original price was 39,95€.

I took this picture because only this way, the “tail” of my shirt shows. This was one extra point when I bought this shirt (apart from the print – a girl with curly hair and pinky cheeks, wearing a dress, holding a heart with eyes closed and a soft smile on her face). It was a bit different with others.

This photo was taken at the peak when my mood was really good. I really like taking photos in that kind of weather. Not so hot, not so cold, just a bit of the wind and sunshine. And no staring.

I just noticed it had that rainbow circle after I went back to check how the photo looked like. Pretty, isn’t it? But I don’t know how to take it again. (It was already difficult for me to take the pictures that focus on me instead of everything around!)

And this is the last one. It’s very clear that I was in good mood.

Ah, you may have noticed that I often wear that sandals and that cardigan. I bought both of them during YesStyle sale a while ago. They are both from Korean, and I have to say that they have very good quality. I’m very comfortable wearing the sandals every day although its heal is 6,8cm (which is high to me, because I was only used to flats). The knit cardigan is warm and it goes with anything you wear.

That was that for today. I will watch Harry Potter 7.2 tomorrow, yay!!!!


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