“It all ends here”. (1)

*for the sad part of the day.

So, finally, today is my last day at work. We calculated my working hours, signed the paper, with hope I will receive the correct amount of money at the end of the month. It took me a while to understand how it was calculated, and it took me even longer to realize why I felt it was not correct. (I’m slow, you may have noticed. But my feelings are often right).

Basically, I had my extra hours in total of about 68 hours (approximately 2 working weeks). It was calculated at the end of June. If I kept these hours, I should have stopped working from 4th July, since my contract was supposed to end on 15th July. It means I would stop working, but still get paid fully for these 2 weeks, no extra hours to be paid more. However, I still had stuffs to do, so I still came to the office last week plus today with the agreement that I will receive payment for these extra hours. So, in total of 2 weeks plus last week, equal 3 weeks. I don’t count today in since I stayed home on Friday 1st June (which didn’t belong to the two weeks in my extra hours).

What was calculated today, is actually that I will still receive the payment for 2 weeks which were originally my extra hours. But then, we used my current extra hours which was 62 something ( this went down because I didn’t go to work Friday 1st June, and I left the office usually at around 4 last week instead of 4:30), minuses the hours that I don’t work this week (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri), to be 31 hours in the end. This, to me now, doesn’t make much of sense. Because, originally, I was supposed to be paid fully for these two weeks even if I decided to not come to work at all. So then, we should have summed up the hours I work more, instead of using the extra hours which were not related anymore to this sum. Even if I did leave the office early last week, I remember it was only for 2 days (Wed, Thu). Mon & Fri should be normal. I stayed there late on Tue. The total time I didn’t cover for 39 hours of last week should not exceed 8 hours (which is now missing).

We have been having bad time because of the extra hours and holiday and everything for a while, which I believe everybody gets sick of it already. Not only about the rightful money and/or the holiday we should receive instead of fighting to get (which, in fact, they should give us more as reward of the great work we did under such circumstance), it’s also because of the very bad feeling about how we have been treated. And now, I really don’t want to fight for it anymore. It will not worth it. I don’t know how to explain how sad I feel every time I think about how much we put in our work which no money can pay us back enough, to receive this kind of attitude in the end. I don’t want to feel sad about it anymore. I don’t want to fight to get every little money I could just because I don’t have any other choice, while thinking about how much we brought to them. I badly wanted this to end. Luckily enough, it’s ended. Not 100% the way it should go, but now, I’m free.

If there’s anything I would miss miss miss a lot, it would be the people that were around me. They were my colleagues, and they are now my friends. If not because of them, I wouldn’t be able to get through. I’m thankful to get to know them, truly. I will miss them and our time together as a team, really, a lot.


4 thoughts on ““It all ends here”. (1)

  1. It’s always sad and complicated when work ends. Especially if there has been extra hours etc… But, that doesn’t sound so correct… If you feel still something fishy, just contact me and let’s find out how it really should go, for couple reasons I happen to know Finnish employment law quite well.

  2. Hard to say from the information you gave so far, as it depends if your boss ordered you to work more or were you just volunteering (legally speaking), but as they were calculating extra hours, so that should be ok then.
    You didn’t mentioned anything about vacation days, did you spend them earlier already or was any left for this last weeks?
    Basically extra hours are either paid as money or given as extra vacation, so what I understand here is that extra hours you worked was given as extra vacation days – so every day you weren’t at office was using those extra hours.
    But we should anyways meet, we can talk about this also (there’s just too many small details that affecting), they have probably calculated correctly though, but if you feel so, we can check those. And as I know that some companies make mistakes and some companies really do cheat money from young employees who just doesn’t know their rights… So anything is possible though.

  3. I agree that there were many details that affected on this. It was complicated from the beginning, and quite difficult to explain. For the part whether we take the extra hours for vacation or being paid for it, it turned out that I’m going to be paid, which is why we calculated the extra hours and made the agreement. I’m also going to be paid for the vacation days (which are not extra hours).

    For most of us who worked there in that department, we basically don’t have the option of keeping the extra hours (not coming to the office but still get paid for full). It was because even after the event ended, we still have stuffs to do and report to finish, while the contracts end quite soon which leaves no space for us to use these extra hours. And it doesn’t make sense to keep this extra hours after the contracts end, right?

    What bothered me now is the way the extra hours were calculated. It sounded quite convincing at that point, and my friend who is quite a smart and logical person was convinced too, so I signed the paper. Now I really don’t know if I want to dig into that mess again. It’s exhausting.

    Of course we should meet. It’s just the question of when. Most probably it would be in August when I go to Tampere to renew my visa, because at the moment I don’t have bus card and it costs quite a sum to get there. But you are welcome to visit Valkeakoski. : D

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