“It all ends here”. (2)

*for the good part of the day.

I didn’t plan to write about that. However, I felt much better now that I did. In a way, writing is my way to release the stress. If I gather too much of stress for too long, I might become a balloon which can explode anytime to anyone. And that’s bad, really bad. I’m already a difficult person.

When I left the office today, I thought, “So, that’s it”. Sitting in the bus, seeing the windows where we sit passing by, I smiled. The worst thing should be ended. The best thing remains. I can still be able to keep in touch with them. : )

On the way, I saw 2 guys from my school. They got in separately. I smiled with one. The other seemed to want to ignore me, so I did the same. Not related, but it reminded me of a time when I saw Jarno and Erika on the same day, not long ago. They were once together, not anymore. “There’s no such thing as coincidence”, but there are things I still don’t get why they happened the way they did.

I visited Seppälä to try on some bras. I don’t remember since when, but I have been thinking about really choosing the correct bras for a while. Some days ago, I found out a very interesting video about it, so I was quite determined to find a definite correct one for me. Unfortunately, not today. Well, on the bright side, I found the one I was wearing to be the most suitable.

Because it took me quite a long time, I was wondering between going straight to Plevna and buy some popcorn and Coke to fill up my stomach, or going to Wrong to have something more healthy and filling with the risk of being late for the movie. Then I chose the second option. Going with it, I also chose for myself Dumpling Soup for the first time, and Blueberry Tea (Pokka, cold) for the first time. : D

Dumpling Soup @ Wrong

When I got to the cinema, it was crowded. For the first time in Plevna, I went on time. For another first time, I was in a very long queue. Another first time was, I went through the row where all the people were sitting while I was getting to my seat. That was a totally new feeling to me, a person who is used to go to the cinema at least 15 minutes before they start opening the movie room. It was amazing also, seeing all the seats were filled in that big big room. I don’t remember when was the last time I saw that kind of scene.

The movie itself was great. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the part when they built up the crystal ball to cover Hogwarts. My second favorite part was when Harry was viewing Snape’s memories with Lily. That was absolutely beautiful, much more than I expected. I think it was mainly because Lily-small was so pretty : p.

Although I did find it to be a bit short (note that I’m not such a big fan to want the movie to last forever), I can still remember I did feel through the movie. I didn’t get bored at any moment. Just like the book, the movie made me laugh even when the battle was in its peak. Then it came too, the sadness to see the beloved ones being dead. That was very touching.

And I don’t know why, but I think I felt also how much effort they put it for this very end piece. It was brilliant. If I could, I would love to watch it again.

Harry Potter movie ticket ❤ I kind of like this sort of ticket more because it has my name on it. : p

It made me feel so good that I took quite many photos with my bbf and Usagi Color after I got out of the cinema (Strangely, I didn’t take any with my Canon 500D. I thought about it only after I got home!). Hmmm, still thinking about how I can scan the photos I printed the other day from bbf. Comment on this would definitely very much welcome!


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