Super random.

. I forgot to mention in the entry about Harry Potter 7.2 that people even clapped after the last scene. I don’t see it often in Finland, and I don’t remember when was the last time I saw people do it here.

. When I sat on a big rock by the lake, I was thinking how great it would be to stay like that the whole day. In this kind of weather, I mean. Not in winter, of course.

. I have to try not to look away when people look at me. How awkward. :”(

I still wonder why people tend to look/stare at me here. It’s not rare to see foreigners anymore, right? Even in Valkeakoski. I can understand why children do it, but why adults also? After 4 years, I’m still not used to it.

. Oh, a woman who used to take the bus with me in the morning say “Moi!” to me when she was riding a bike downhill and she saw me. : D

. I finished my first film roll with Usagi Color. I’ll take it to the camera shop tomorrow. How exciting! It should be easier than the bbf.

. Ooh, I managed to put the film roll to bbf by myself this time. Last time it was done by Wilma. She was also there to help this second round, but I did it with my own hands. Imagine that! : D

. What I will try to write about: Norwegian Wood (movie), The Social Network, bra fitting/frmheadtotoe, digital camera vs. film camera, INFJ. It’s very much likely that I won’t write about them anymore after listing them here, but who knows, he he.


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