So, it’s weekend.

*It actually doesn’t make much of a difference now between normal days and weekend. I love my bed through the week. :”)

I haven’t taken the photos of my 2 film cameras, so the post about them will be (hopefully) posted tomorrow. I haven’t finished it yet. And because it’s too late to take pictures of… myself today, it will also come tomorrow.

I went to Nhung’s place today to take my umbrella back. Just by coming, I had chance to taste home-made croissant (cheesy cheese as filling). It reminded me of the time when I was with my family in Venice and we had croissant every morning. I remembered they were the best croissants I had in my life. Just baked, still warm when we ate them with butter and jam. Soft. Then a cup of tea which I always love, and also to make it easier to swallow (I have problem with dry food). A breakfast could not be better than that.

Then Nhung gave me a piece of cake she baked. She laughed, joked that I should stay with her for about a month, I will gain weight for sure. My close friend Hang told me the same once in a while. Well, I do wish I could stay with them. I want to gain weight, and they make good food. Isn’t it win-win? : p

Dieu and Huy were going to supermarkets. They asked Nhung and Phat to join, but Phat was sleeping so he stayed home. I tagged along instead : p. Of course, I forgot to take my umbrella from Nhung’s place. I had to go back there after that to take it. Well, actually, I think I could leave it and come back another day, but I enjoyed the ride in the car with loud music (he he) and a long walk home. So finally, my dear Sky Umbrella was back with me today.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I watched Love and Other Drugs. It was better than I thought. I’m thinking about writing about the movies/series I watch recently. The usual way is to write each one for each blog post, or I can combine all of them in one post because I don’t think I have too many things to talk about.

Kari gave me a call when I was washing the dishes. He was staying in Apiankatu with us in our first year in HAMK. He is the rare Fin one who is positively still in touch with me after all this time. He is a very good friend. Thanks to him, I got the strawberry-picking job during my first summer here in Finland.

I was surprised that I was surprised hearing he’s still studying, because he has been studying for quite long. I don’t know his age, but I would think “he must have a job” when I see a person like him on the street. I have the feeling that he’s lonely, and he’s not ready for life. But well, who am I to say? Aren’t I just the same?


One thought on “So, it’s weekend.

  1. Watched Love and Other Drugs quite a time ago, and yes it turned out better than I expected too. And like Anna’s style in this movie very much, especially her home, such a mess in an artistic way =P.

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