I bought my very first camera in December 2010. I had always wanted to have a camera like that on my own. Furthermore, I was going to my sister’s wedding, and I wanted to take pictures for it. At that time, those 2 reasons were equally important. When they were added up together, there was nothing to hold me back.

Then I asked Duc about what kind of camera I should buy. We talked from about 11p.m to 3a.m, or more, I don’t remember. Because Rajala (a professional shop, which usually have high price for its stuffs) had a discount for a Canon 500D + 18-55 lens, we decided it would be the best for me. At around 5p.m the same day, it was mine.

I had great fun with it during my sister’s wedding. I think I was the only one who took the picture from the beginning when we were preparing, until the end when my sister and her husband opened their gifts. For that, I was very happy. In a way, during the whole trip, I enjoyed it more because of the camera. It added spices, without distracting what we did. It captured the moments. That’s what I like about photography. It captures the moments.

After that, I also bought the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Tamron 17-50. They are both good lenses, and I still use the 50mm most of the time.

This is my Canon 500D with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. I borrowed Nhung's camera (which is Canon 550D) to take this photo. I told her it looks like a tree has grown from my camera. :p

Then, I was attracted by something from the past – the film cameras. In June 2011, I got 2 new friends – Black Bird, Fly in red (which I often call bbf), and Usagi Color. They are both from SuperHeadz, Japan.

Some people don’t get the point why I want these cameras when I already have a very good digital camera which I have nothing to complain about. When I told Harri about the difference in the color, he didn’t buy the story. When he saw the photos and was convinced, then Doina said, “Okay, if you like this kind of photos”.

What’s from them that I like so much?

You may or may not have realized, but I will tell you now that both of the film cameras I have, they are toy cameras. Ever since I stepped into this photography field, I haven’t received much guidance from anyone but myself. So then, it’s just natural for me to get whichever that comes and attracts me. I was attracted by the concept of bbf (you may, too, if you go in the website and read about it), then SuperHeadz in general. During the process, Usagi Color came, since I happen to take the scenery photos often, and I wanted to have a wide angle film camera. (I don’t know yet if the part of “being alone” here is a good or bad thing. It’s very frustrating, and sometimes I badly want to have somebody to help. But most of the things I know now, they are mine.)

Being toy cameras means they are 100% plastic. They are small and light. If you have a DSLR camera with some lenses and get used to it, you will be surprised how these film cameras can fit nicely in your pocket. You may even forget they are there during the day.

With Usagi Color, I don’t need to adjust any settings. Simply point and shoot.

Usagi Color

With bbf, I can do more with it. Choosing between cloudy and sunny mode, how long the shutter opens, how far the focus should be, and taking double (or more) exposures. Because it is a twin-lens reflex camera, I enjoy taking the photos with the camera hold at my waist level. I find it more fun that way, although of course I can hold it just like any other common camera and nobody would stare at me.

Black Bird, Fly

When Emo told me about the fact that we would never know exactly how the photos will come out, that it will take us forever to finish one roll film, and that we will treasure it more because of those “disadvantages”, I kind of got it but not so sure. She actually didn’t mean about my “toy cameras” because she was talking about the real film cameras, but I could say I understand what she talked back then. I experienced it, and I like it that way.

The photos that were taken by the film cameras are very different.

The photographs will be serene, silent, slow. –

When I look at this kind of photos, it’s as if time is frozen. Everything stands still for a moment, then it’s gone. It’s the nostalgia feeling that I usually have, seeing all of these beautiful moments passing by in a blink of an eye, nothing can hold them back. Seeing the youngest, freshest, craziest, wildest years of my life, going away. This kind of photos, it contains the feeling I have. “Beautiful things are sad”.

Usagi Color. In the bus to the office every early morning. Not anymore.

I think part of the reason why I have that feeling from film photos is because they don’t have the sharpness like the digital ones. Photos from digital camera, for me, is a bit too… clean. My memory and the images I have in my head won’t be that clear if I look back to the past. In this sense, the minus point in a digital camera becomes a plus point for a film one. And I don’t see it as a bad thing. There will be time when I need the sharpness for my photos. I will need to see immediately how the photos turn out, in order to take another one if needed, without worry about the taken one which might be a failure. Like when I need a camera for a wedding like Doina stated, for example. If I can choose only one to bring to the wedding, I will take my Canon 500D. But knowing me, you can be sure to see me with my film cameras too, if I still have space to put them in. : p

Usagi Color & Black Bird, Fly. Taken by my Canon 500D.

So for now, for every single time I go out, I bring all of them with me and take photo depending on how I feel. I haven’t thought much of how I will change with this photography thing, but I guess there won’t be much at this point. I haven’t had good experience with printing the film photos out (they couldn’t print the full format from bbf, and the photos they put in my usb are bad), but I’ll see what I can do.

After all, this whole photography idea is supposed to be fun and memorable, right? To capture the moment, that’s it. It should not go too far from this purpose.


3 thoughts on “Cameras.

    • I actually wanted to do a 365 project myself when I first have my Canon 500D. But then I was in the hospital at the beginning of the year when I started the project, and it usually happens that I don’t have the camera with me at the crucial time or I don’t have Internet access to upload them etc. Some people I know who did it and finished it, I can see development in their photos, which is very nice because it takes such an effort to take picture every single day. It’s not as easy as it seems, isn’t it?

      I went to your blog for a moment. You’re at the end of your project, right? I wish you good luck and lots of enjoyment in photography. : D

  1. This proofs once again one basic rule of photography – it’s never about equipment you have, it’s about motivation and inspiration. Few years ago finnish professional photographers were mad as they lost to Finnish Nature Photo -competition to amateur 15-yer-old boy who took winning photo with a cheap pocket camera. But he happened to be at right time at the right place and had vision to capture great photo.
    And I also have film camera, although it is professional camera as well, but I think everybody should use film camera once in a while, it really teaches us to take proper good photos that are worth of saving – it’s amazing feeling when you realize that every photo actually costs money to you. At least I really started to think twice before taking photos if they really are as good as I can make those.

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