Couldn’t be greener than that.

I didn’t intend to go so green. I just noticed how “green” I was when Nhung told me yesterday when she saw me at the door. Even my finger nails are green today, ha!

This is the dress which I mentioned before about how it made me feel like I was in an asuh picture. I think it’s more like this one now, but it doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s “asuh picture”, I don’t mind which one. : p

The complete look when I go out, with cardigan and bag and headphones.

Just relaxed. It's quite comfortable sitting there. Soft breeze, soft sunshine, bird singing. My only wish is no one pays attention to me, please.

I was afraid it would be out of focus again if I changed the angle even just slightly (it may easily happen), but it turned out okay. I was absorbing a bit of sunshine. Thinking about the long winter ahead, I miss it already. : p


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