A normal beautiful summer day in Finland.

Early morning. Is it just me or my nails were actually quite blue?

H&M nail polish bottle, and how it looks on my nails. Don't laugh. I haven't learned yet about how to do proper nail treatment other than using hand & nail cream every night. : )

My lunch.

I used this recipe to make it: Classic Baked Chicken. I skipped the last part (I didn’t even read it), but it still turned out to be much better than I thought. The chicken was softer, yet its skin was more crispy and easy to eat (although I’m not a big fan of chicken skin).

Blue blue sky.



Summer green.

Bare-feet on the grass.

Stairways to heaven. I really thought it was, because of how safe and sound I felt when I was sitting there, looking at that scenery, feeling the sunshine and the wind. Nothing can compare to that.

My dinner.

Recipe is here: Mách bạn món mì trộn chua ngọt đặc biệt. I didn’t use the exact kind of vegetable because I couldn’t find it here. I wouldn’t want to make it more complicated anyway, and I had some Chinese cabbage in my fridge. The part that worried me was the sauce. I knew it was the key component to make this dish to be a success or not. Without the sauce, it will be dry, plain and bland. If the sauce was made badly, I might not even want to eat it. When I first finished making the sauce and tasted it, I thought “this is gonna be a disaster”. But after adding more oyster sauce (I just thought about which taste I wanted it to stand out) and water, it turned out to be okay. I surprisingly enjoyed the dish and finished it well.

Through the day, I was asking myself “What are you doing?’. I still don’t have an answer.


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