A trip to Helsinki.

My passport is going to expire in November this year, so I think this is now the right time to get a new one before I renew my visa in August. Ngoc – my first roommate – is currently in Helsinki. She offered her help in taking me to the Embassy of Vietnam in Finland. Furthermore, we havent’ met in such a long time since Ngoc came back to Vietnam for her internship, so this is also a good chance for us to catch up. I hadn’t been in Helsinki center for about a year or more, plus I had a very vague memory of where the Embassy is, so it didn’t take me even one second to say yes.

We planned to meet at around 12p.m and have lunch. But because Ngoc missed her bus, we met at around 1p.m. Ngoc was not hungry so we didn’t go to Thai buffet but just take a panini for me from her uncle’s restaurant. It was fine by me. I didn’t need anything fancy, and I didn’t have to pay for it.

When we arrived to the Embassy, they were having lunch break. Didn’t waste any minute, we went to Stockmann. Ngoc wanted to buy some coffee which she was introduced to. Accidentally, I saw tea section which was in the same area. That was unfortunate for my visa card. Although I tried hard to hold myself back, I still bought 3 different boxes of tea. They cost 13,02€ in total.

We went back to the Embassy after that. I filled a form, paid the fee (70€ for it and 5€ to get my passport delivered to my address), and that’s it. The lady who worked there seemed to be nice. I was worried because Ngan said she’s quite a difficult person, but it turned out to be quite okay. She smiled and joked and asked us about why we were there and our school and so on. I didn’t have any bad feeling when I left. I just hope things will go smoothly with my passport without any problem occurred. Problems find me very often. Despite how many times I tell myself to be positive, I still don’t want to believe it’s part of my daily life.

The harbor was close by so we went there as well. I’m not a big fan of ice-cream but Ngoc said it’s boring to eat alone, so I also bought one for myself – pistachio taste. It was not as yummy as I thought, and it was expensive (3,10€), but it’s always fun to eat ice-cream with a friend while sitting on the side of the summer greeny street.

Then we were just walking around. The weather was great, perfect for strolling. At some point, we stopped and sit down by the harbor, near a navy ship. What interesting to me was the ship, but I was not sure if it was the same for Ngoc. It might be more interesting for her to see some cute guys who work there in the ship, but not the ship itself. But well, who knows. She told me she likes weapons too when we were looking at the ship and saw the guns.

Anyway, let’s leave the ship and the guys. We talked about lots of things. I don’t remember most of them now when I think back about it. What stick on my mind was the part when I mentioned about Duc (my ex-boyfriend). Ngoc said many people don’t like him. I told her I knew him for quite a long time and I didn’t see anything too bad, I just think I need somebody more mature. She said, well, usually people from outside can see things clearer.

I gave it some thoughts and came to the conclusion that I don’t see him better than he actually is. He is a good boy in his family, a good friend with those around him, and even a better student than I am. Although I love my country and proud to be a Vietnamese, there are some certain things from Vietnamese community that I’m very afraid of. One of them is the way they expect some certain behaviors which I simply can’t deal with. I tend to cross boundaries and sometimes be worse than I actually am just because I don’t like the way people expect me to be. So in a way, I’m more on Duc’s side. But I didn’t try to ask for more details. We changed the topic and that was about it. For me, nothing changed.

When it was getting late, we looked for our way back to Kamppi. It already took us a while, then I even thought of buying a Totoro plush in Blippö. This is the fun part.  I remembered Blippö should be in Kamppi. I didn’t remember it to be anywhere else. But as I said, I was not in Helsinki for such a long time, and I could never trust on my memory with locations and directions, so naturally I leaned on Ngoc on this matter. Unfortunately, Ngoc heard it to be “Glitter”, and she was sure it should be in Forum. It was already weird when I heard she said she bought something from Glitter (which I heard it to be Blippö) in Tampere, which definitely can’t be because we have never had Blippö in Tampere. I followed Ngoc anyway because she seemed to be pretty sure where she was leading me to.

We had good laugh when I asked Ngoc “So now, where’s Blippö?” and she answered back “Right in front of you! Glitter!”. We couldn’t stop laughing, especially when Ngoc asked “Why didn’t you correct me when I said Glitter?” and I asked her back “Just like you! Did you correct me when I said Blippö?”. It got even funnier when we went through a underway which we were both sure it should lead to Kamppi and I told Ngoc “Ngoc, this is Rauta! We’re in the railway station!!”. The combination of Ngoc and I for directions, it was just wonderful! I think we made a legend! : D

We got back to Kamppi in the end. Ngoc was hungry enough to have the need of something to eat. We went to picnic because we didn’t have many options in Kamppi. After Ngoc finished ordering, I brought my wallet and mobile phone along with me to look for Blippö. Ngoc told me if it’s not in the list of shops in Kamppi, then it could not be there. I went just to make sure I didn’t miss it by any chance. I needed to know I tried my best and even if I couldn’t find the shop, it couldn’t be because I didn’t try hard enough. I found Blippö, or actually the pink banner that was once Blippö. I went back to picnic and joined Ngoc for “dinner”.

While waiting for my bus, we went to Anttila, Vila and Only. I actually missed my bus because of that, and was at home at around midnight. My original plan was to be back early enough to have dinner at home, but I was not regret at all to stay for that long. It was something out of the normal routine. And with good friend(s), nothing can be too bad.

These are the 2 dresses I bought during our messy route yesterday.

Mango. From 34,90€ to 9,95€. I originally wanted to buy a cardigan, but it got down only to 17,45€.

Only. From 34,95€ to 9,95€.

*All of the photos were taken today, since I forgot to bring my memory card for my camera yesterday. I didn’t have good light since the rain was pouring through the day. It has started shining a bit now.

I love sleep too much. I just want it to rain so I can sleep deeper..


2 thoughts on “A trip to Helsinki.

  1. If your friend Ngoc said so, I gotta say many people don’t like you either. Anyway, I understand why you need someone more mature princess…

    • I don’t say I’m loved by everyone, but I’m not gonna change just because some people don’t like the way I am. “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” ^^

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