When you don’t have anyone to talk to, turn to nature. It will embrace you.

And I don’t mean winter in Finland. You won’t want it to embrace you too tight at that time. Even if it’s not too tight, the possibility of you being frozen is pretty high.

What I meant was Finnish summer. I know I have said this countless times, but Finnish summer is just the best. It’s like a little country girl with bright  and gorgeous smile. Its green is always fresh, vivid, full of vitality. Every time I bring my camera out, I always have something to take back satisfyingly.

Today is not an exception. Because I dipped myself into nature for too long, I nearly missed my sauna which I had been waiting for the whole week. However, I didn’t regret at all. Even now when I think back about it, the comfort is still with me. I was sitting on a low rock on the way, facing the sun, looking at the green of everything around – the grass, the leaves on the trees, the wild bushes, and trying to capture as many things as I could. Some people passed by and (of course) stared at me, but it was less bothering (nearly not at all) than me taking pictures of myself with weird poses.

These are some photos I took this afternoon. More can be found from my flickr.

Ah, I forgot this little cutie:

I first knew it from tumblr, but it’s impossible to find it again from about 8000 posts I like, so I searched from Google and took this instead.


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