Just a photo

of me with make-up face.

Or half of it. : p

Do you see that I was having fun? : D

I don’t think it’s clear looking from this photo, but I did put a whole lot more make-up compared to last time. I also overcame my fear with lashes curler and used it with mascara. And for the first time ever, I would say I like my face with make-up on! I think it doesn’t get better, just me getting used to it : D.

It’s very funny the focus point in this photo : D. It shows clearly I need better care for my skin. However, the photo also has the angle I find myself to be best from. So as a whole, I think they blend in okay. Probably that’s why I like it, the worst and the best appeared at once. I don’t know how I would feel if it comes to something else though : p.

It’s 9:30p.m already. Should I still go out for a walk with this face? :”(


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