Don’t ever underestimate Nhung’s place!

I was planning to go to Nhung’s place at around 6p.m in order to be home early, but I was leaving there at 10:45p.m! Nhung asked me (maybe for the second time. She asked me the same last time): “Why are you so surprised? You can’t underestimate my place like that, you know. : D”. Oh well, true, I should have some experience by now.

When I was first there, I was wondering why she asked me whether I had something to eat or not. I didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Nhung opened her fridge, took out a plate with some food on, and gave it to me with a smile on her face. The plate had bánh giò, chả quế and chả lụa. She also gave me a glass of soy milk. They were all made by her. Although I did have something to eat at around 4p.m, I didn’t have any problem having some more, especially when it felt like the plate was reserved for me XD. I would say chả quế and soy milk are my favorites!

Then she went out to the balcony to water her plants, so I followed to see how they were. I didn’t think I could realize the difference compared to the previous time when I was there, until Nhung tried to show me what she thought would grow to be a tomato flower. It was so tiny that it created so many “Do you see it? Don’t you see it? It’s very clear to me.” and “See what? Uhm sorry no, not really. Hmm let me see.” in the conversation between us. Nhung told me Phat reacted the same in the morning when she also tried to show it to him. She said it felt like being a mother looking at the growing speed of her baby, nobody else notices how fast it is in every little details like she does : D.

After that, we made cat-tongue cookies with matcha flavor. It was not a success according to Nhung, but I like it actually. Later on, we had it with matcha ice-cream which Nhung made some days ago. Yum!

From some reason I don’t remember anymore, we started watching videos on YouTube. We came across some beauties e.g. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and many videos from SNSD (Girls’ Generation). Didn’t stop from there, we even tried to memorize the name of these 9 girls. After several practices and tests, for the first time ever, we could say we remembered all of them! The first thing we wanted to do was to inform Linh about that. Linh’s reaction was predictable. She told Nhung to memorize Super Junior members’ names, which are 12. Uhm, how about no? : D

Anyway, that was fun! I don’t know why but we could never recognize Tiffany in the photos (it happened every single time, like, 9 out of 10. The 10th time when we knew it was her would probably because her name was the only one left ~), while I didn’t have any problems recognize her face at all when I watched the videos. It was really weird. Well, in the end, I still got mixed up between Seohyun and Yuri, Nhung was still confused between Taeyeon and Jessica, but we could proudly say we together made an achievement! And we both agreed Gee is the one that feels most SNSD. I don’t know what Gee means, but I like it more just because Gee sounds like my name :”).

Talking about SNSD makes me want to write a blog entry about them : D. Maybe it will come sometime later when I get inspired again by them, which actually happens quite often when I listen to Into the New World – their very first song.

I said good bye to Nhung and Phat when there was no sunshine anymore. I was afraid it might be cold and it actually was, but I was fine after I walked fast 1/3 of the way. I felt good, and again, not regretted because I stayed longer than planned. Feeling thankful and blessed because I have these friends around.

In the middle of the road. 11p.m.

Now, my sleep is calling me. : D


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