Not just her place, but Nhung herself should not be underestimated neither!

After about a year, I rode the bicycle again. I remembered it was pretty nice when I rode the bicycle last summer and I haven’t touch it at all this year, so I decided I should get back to it when Nhung and I were planning to go to second-hand shops (kirppis) together. Well, honestly, I didn’t quite enjoy riding the bicycle this time. It was not the same bicycle I used last summer. It was more difficult to ride, it made me uncomfortable (I didn’t figure out why), and it made me cycled twice more than Nhung! You can imagine one image of Nhung with the breeze blowing around whenever she effortlessly pushed the pedals in the front, then another image of me with sweats all over trying to ride more, more and more in the back. : D Other than that, today was great!

We went first to the one near Lidl. I was not there before. It was pretty small. I didn’t find anything I would want to buy. However, Nhung found several stuffs. This time, because Phat was not there to stop her, she gathered enough confidence to even buy a big heavy clay pot for baking bread! Of course, some bits of bravery was needed, because she had to carry it home with every other things.

What I liked from that shop was because it’s the only one that has some old film cameras, from e.g. Pentax, Yoshida. I guess I would need to note down what kind of camera they are next time. Another bonus point for the shop was the lady who was very nice and she helped Nhung with packing the stuffs.

The next one we visited was the one in the top floor of Koskikara. It was actually the main target because Nhung wanted to buy 2 specific things from here. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find them anymore. Frustrated, she decided to buy only the flyswatter as a gift for Phat :”). Maybe the lady there felt sympathy for Nhung, she gave Nhung the flyswatter with half the price : D. I bought for myself a big bag.

Nhung remembered there should be one near Apiankatu (but not the one in the basement), so it was our next target. We couldn’t find it anywhere, but we found another one on the way. It looked normal from outside, but in fact it was huge inside! It reminded my of the magical tent in Harry Potter.

We wandered in there for quite a while. I really wondered how long it would take for all the stuffs to have their owners if they ever want to have a stock clearance. I even found 2 typewriters. I’d like to buy one, but I would need to know better how it works first, and of course how to find ink for it. In the end, I bought a small pan and a T-shirt which at first we thought Nhung would fit better (size L!). Nhung bought 2 pans. : D

Then we passed by K-market. I didn’t plan to buy anything, but (of course, no surprise) I came out with many things in my bag. Although we had another kirppis to go, I was too hungry to continue (I only had a donut Nhung gave me during the day – yum! <3). Instead, we went to the lake for me to have a place to eat.

We talked about lots of stuffs, and only stopped when we heard a thunder from far away. I was so surprised when Nhung told me it was 7p.m already! (We met at 11:30a.m). Nhung asked me why should I since I was spending time with her : D.

I didn’t bring my camera because I was afraid I would need to carry too many things (which happened anyway in the end), so I was not able to capture any of the happy moments we had. With this post, however, it will stay. And most importantly, in our memory, too. We’re already thinking of another time already, hi hi. : DDDD


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