Sẻ chia khoảnh khắc.

I didn’t follow Vietnamese music for quite a long time. Except for the time when I was small and listened to my mother’s favorite folk music, there were very little Vietnamese songs that caught my attention. I don’t remember since when, V-pop appeared to be too dramatic to me, with too many broken hearts and desperate longing for lost love. When they were emphasized with depressing lyrics, I just couldn’t take it. Every songs sounded the same. The voices of the singers were average, with no soul. No impressive performances nor meaningful video clips neither. When I went abroad, I stopped listening to it totally.

It was changed just recently when I was introduced by X-Nicky to YAN Music Channel Online. I’ve started listening to V-pop more, and liked it more. There are still many songs I don’t like (some of them felt awfully awkward), but I do see improvements. I do see people working hard and putting their utmost effort and passion in what they do. So then, even though I can’t say V-pop is my favorite (yet), I don’t abandon it. : )

This is a song I like both the song itself and its video clip. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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