Meet an old friend.

Tuong is a friend I got to know since our first year in HAMK. He was the only guy in group of Vietnamese students who got in HAMK IB that year. He was the first one who graduated in our class. We lost contact nearly totally when he went to Sweden last year to study a master program. Since I lost my mobile phone in November also last year, I didn’t have his number until he called me yesterday. He went to Tampere for the weekend, so we decided to meet up today in Valkeakoski.

I don’t know why it’s always exciting for me to meet my old friends. Maybe not really “old”, but some friends who I knew sometime ago and haven’t met for a period of time. I guess it’s because the special familiar feeling I have with them. I can be comfortable around them. They know me. Then I want to know how they have been, what they want to do, all that. And it’s always nice to hear.

When Tuong visited this time, we went to our usual place – Papachi. It’s the pizza & kebab restaurant we “discovered” during our first year and it has been our most favorite one since then.

This is Tuong ~ : D

Some sort of dried flowers.

Papachi. How nostalgia...

Then we guessed Nhung and Phat should have woken up already, so we dragged them out also.

While waiting for Nhung and Phat coming downstairs, Tuong found a cute bicycle with no locks so he took it out and rode around. How childlike! : D

We passed by Apiankatu area for Tuong to see some new buildings there. When we were in Apiankatu, they were all old houses with apple trees. Well, just to prove him that at least there are things going on in our tiny little Valkeakoski.

We walked around because it would be a waste not to.

A happily swimming child. : D *photo taken by Tuong

Playing with water ~ *photo taken by Tuong

"Bước hùng dũng trên bờ" :") - how do I translate this? -.- *photo taken by Tuong

Nhung - super summer-ish ~ : DDDD *photo taken by Tuong

Unfortunately for me, the sun was hidden under the clouds again. It became too windy and cold. I was more than happy to get in the car again to get to the center. They were having some sort of fair there before the summer ends.

Walking back to the car ❤ :") *photo taken by Tuong

We didn’t know exactly where the fair is, so Tuong just parked the car right in the center and we walked from there. Along the way, Nhung found another secondhand shop. Of course, she was happy about that. It’s not difficult to imagine her visiting the shop not long from now. : D

Some people waved to Tuong with smile, maybe they think he's a tourist : D. You won't be able to see this kind of smile often in winter. *photo taken by Tuong

The fair actually didn’t have many things to look at. We didn’t stay for long, mostly just to see what it was.

Welcome banner. *photo taken by Tuong

Some cute rabbit candies XD *photo taken by Tuong

I have no idea what this is. But it's colorful. : D *photo taken by Tuong

The cute couple ❤ XD *photo taken by Tuong

Lively at peace ~ *photo taken by Tuong

Tuong ~

Tuong again, with nice "background" he he he :")

Happier with friends ~

Hi hi :")

Our “achievement” was to buy 2 licorice twists but without licorice taste :”). I think I’m the only Vietnamese who likes licorice…

See the candy bag in Nhung's hands? : D *photo taken by a person on spot :")

We went back after that.

Tuong seemed to enjoy taking this kind of photo. He said he felt girls here are fresher and more beautiful than in Helsinki. : D *photo taken by Tuong

I don't know if they noticed the red light, but I stopped. I didn't intend to be alone and pose, look at my face -.-" *photo taken by Tuong

Thank you for the day. Let’s keep in touch. : )


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