Just like reading real books, I don’t give up writing with my hands.

*from the notebook.

“I’m currently in my favorite corner, with nature around & sunshine straight to my face. It took me long to pull myself together to go out, & I don’t want to go back once I’m here already. I guess I’m lazy to the bone…!!! : (

I haven’t been doing much these days, but I often have headaches. I don’t know if it has anything to do with me thinking too much about GPD, monetary problems, visa, what to do with my future… Problem is just me, isn’t it? It’s me who’s not doing anything sensible. If my mentor knows, I guess he will be disappointed. I store these things in my head for too long.

The weather is nice. I hope it stays like this. Then I can be here writing about stuffs, surrounded by nature, & no mosquitoes as well. I’m so lucky lucky lucky, huh? It was a pity I didn’t buy a yoga mat. Otherwise, I would have one to practice in this heavenly environment. What can I do? The price was so expensive.

I’m actually following the sunshine, because it’s cold in the shadow even though I’m wearing a cardigan. It may not be any problem for Brown – the shadow walker. (He used to complain about me complaining about the cold office and cafeteria.) But it’s a problem for me. & it’s fun like this – following the sunshine. Ah… Reminds me of scarlet and our day in March. Wonder how she is now, that amazing & talented & inspiring girl…

It’s getting colder… Maybe I should be back. It’s not fun to catch a cold from this.”


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