Following the sunshine.

See how green is was behind me?

Even with the sunshine, the temperature dropped down under 20°C today. I had to wear the coat again and regretted not to take the scarf with me. It’s sad thinking summer is ending. Soon enough, I won’t be able to take pictures outside freely with my hands. I was using my camera nearly all the time this afternoon in my favorite corner while following the sun. Gradually, it came to the point that taking pictures became a part of how I enjoyed my time there. I nearly didn’t think at all when I put the camera on a rock or pressed the shutter randomly. It somehow turned out to be quite natural to me, just like sitting on the grass, choosing a comfortable position or hugging myself, closing my eyes, and letting the sunshine covered around. This time, only when I stopped, I realized how cold my hands were. I moved to another spot where the sunshine was stronger to warm them up, but it didn’t help. I put on jeans when I went out again after that.

Well, I can only accept this (together with the fact that the street lights have been on at night for about a week already) and hope I will be able to experience the beautiful Finnish summer next year. Gotta stop thinking and do something.

Oh, maybe I should take some photos of me in my new áo dài before it’s so cold that I can’t wear them outside anymore…


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