Dear Linh,

How are you today? Honestly, I don’t know exactly where you are at the moment. Is it the lively Cologne or the romantic Paris? I wonder if you are going to have a birthday party with people around you there, wonder if they know your birthday by heart like I do. You see, I’m always proud to remember your birthday by heart. When it comes to you dummy who don’t know much about hidden meanings of emotions, I have to say this straight out that it means you are special to me. Oh wait, or do you know it already?

So, you turned 21. There’s a fashion brand named Forever 21. I don’t know why they chose that name, but I guess it’s because 21 is a beautiful age. When I think back about my 21, I remember it was filled with laughter and happiness of youth. Thanks very much to you. It was the year when you first came to Finland, remember? My contribution for your 21 is unknown since you are not going to be here, but I hope it will be good if I have any part in it. Even if I’m not there, I bet your 21 is gonna be awesome. And I’m not just saying.

Remember this? When you were designing it and we were discussing about the combination of colors (it was funny how we both thought it had to have green), it came very natural for me to feel it was definitely about you, but without the “this summer” phrase. “The world is yours to explore”. Like that. It stays true until now, and will still be for a long time.

I actually don’t know what to give you as birthday wish, I guess you are already living your dream. So then, I hope you will have good health to challenge yourself every day as you have been doing. And remember to not let yourself suffer alone if things come up.

With much blessing for your new age,


*taken by Duong

P.S 1: Oh, today I saw a dandelion. Amazing, isn’t it?

P.S 2: To separate between you and my brother-in-law, I decided to only call you Linh, until next time when we find something random again. : p


4 thoughts on “Dear Linh,

  1. Dear Chi,

    I don’t know how to describe our relationships, but for me it’s enough if we keep on writing notes to each other on our birthdays until we get old and crumpled. 🙂

    I hope we will not lose each other somewhere on our journey, because the past years, and past moments were so beautiful that I could cry when I think back. Still, like the dandelion, I’m gonna fly back to Finland, and we’ll see each other real soon.

    Till then, a million hugs, >:D< %% :* 😡

    Your little sister,

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