Let’s continue hoping.

*This post is for 4th of August.

. It’s weird that I can’t even deal with people when they are online. I have to tell myself all the time “People are different”. But still, it’s so easy to get annoyed. Or maybe it’s just me being difficult.

. I sent the necessary materials and information to my mother. I knew beforehand there would be some complications with me having new passport, but I didn’t expect it to be the very first party who I transferred the information to. I thought it was going to be the bank. Well, I hope I explained clearly enough the difference between passport and visa, so my parents would have no problems in sending the money. And I hope things will go smoothly with me renewing my visa here, too.

. Matti passed by. We haven’t met each other for such a long time. When I started working last summer, I didn’t have much time left to do anything, meet anyone. It’s so nice to see some familiar faces again. It resulted in me not being able to publish this post on time. Hm, who cares? I met my friend.

. When I took the photo up there, I visioned it to be much different. Anyway, at least I could still keep some green sparks reflected on the window.

. Unbelievable, it’s already nearly 1a.m. I stayed up until 4a.m last night, listened to (sort of) old music on NRJ. This really should not become a habit!


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