Like most people, I started knowing Suboi when Ho Ngoc Ha released her song My Apology. Suboi took the rap part in the song and also appeared in the video clip.

Although I do like My Apology, I didn’t pay much attention to neither Ho Ngoc Ha nor Suboi. In 2009, V-music was not involved at all in my life.

Just recently when I watched Sẻ chia khoảnh khắc (continuously, thanks to YAN TV), I noticed her more.

Then again, she appeared in YAN TV, this time with Friends video clip.

I have never considered myself to be a rap music lover. Most of the rap songs I like, I like them because of the chorus. They have some rhythm there. Other parts are just flat.  Suboi’s songs, however, are somehow distinct to my ears. I like the whole song instead of just the chorus or parts of it.

Apart from how the melody goes in the song, I think I like Suboi’s music because she raps really well. She can raps both Vietnamese and English, and none of them makes me feel awkward. Her way of rapping is very natural, like breathing. As a Vietnamese, it sounds incredible to me when she raps in English. I don’t remember any moment when I listen to her and sighed “Oh no, she should pronounce it properly…”. When she raps in Vietnamese, it doesn’t sound cheap. In the past, it was quite difficult to me to listen to Vietnamese rap songs because they gave me goosebumps. Even now, there are songs I wish they could be sang by other better rappers, since the rap part can level down the song horribly.

Another reason why I like her music is because I can feel her personality and the Vietnamese touch in it, although I don’t know her personally. It’s like, I’m proud to be from the same country with this artist. I’m proud she’s a Vietnamese just as I am.

More videos from her can be watched on YouTube.

What do you think about her? Like or Love? : p


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