What a happy happy day ~

I talked to her very late last night. It felt nice. Although we talked more about me, I hope she felt somehow better, too. I remember how much better I felt  when I received the messages from Jas and “Tóc ngắn” a year ago during the time when I broke up. I needed to work a lot, meet my friends a lot, laugh a lot, in order to carry on my decision. I guess despite how good and necessary for two people to break up, it will always sad, the kind of sadness no words can describe.

After the rain, there’s a special freshness in the air. The wind blew through the day. I love listening to the leaves talking to each other under the widely blue and sunny sky. It was like they were playing and laughing freely. It was like this world was free of worries.

When I looked at myself in the mirror when I woke up, I said out loud to my reflection: “Everything is beautiful. I’m beautiful, and a happy girl!”, then smiled. Probably I should do it every morning, because the spirit seemed to fill in the whole day.

My mother said my father sent money to me. My sister informed me about my brother-in-law sending me the package, and she attached the photo he wanted to take and send to me when they were in Greece:

Awwww, hello little cutie ~~~~

It really did warm my heart ~

I also watched a video clip of Van Mai Huong. Not only the song was nice, the idea was new, the colors blended in perfectly, but also – and more specially – my friend was there! Realizing it put a big smile on my face!

I excitedly commented on his facebook “I’ve just seen you!” and he thought I was back to Vietnam, ha ha. We talked a little. He wished me good luck, told me to inform him and Long when I’m back to Vietnam for real. It put another smile on my face. Thinking back to when I met them in Hanoi in March feels so nostalgia. Next time when I’m back, I have to remember to not wear dress/skirt if I’m going to go with him on his motorbike, and to take chocolate from Long!

Because the weather was absolutely lovely, I went out to take some photos. I wore stuffs I bought from Vietnam. Minh wanted to see some shots of me in, I think particularly, those I bought when I went shopping with her. Plus she was right when she said soon enough, I will not be able to wear them. And here they are, tada ~~~~

Once in a while, I had to make sure nobody was watching me because I was doing all sorts of weird poses. But it was so so fun! I smiled all the time.

It may not be clear from the photos, but there’s actually a short with lace border underneath the skirt : D It was a valuable detail for me to buy, because there’s not much length for the skirt…

After that, I went to the supermarket and was satisfied back home.

Seems like a nice day was well spent. Let’s hope I’m able to stop myself from opening NRJ now. Otherwise, I will stay up until 2, 3, or even 4a.m like the previous days.


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