A day of Dream High ~

I broke my record this morning when I went to bed at around 6 or 7a.m. Now that I really think back about it, I believe it was 6:30a.m :”). Strangely, I didn’t feel sleepy at all. It reminds me of the time when Hang was at my home in Hanoi and we stayed up until 4 or 5a.m. I was like a dead fish during the day. And then the time when I was in the organizing committee of NatConf 2010 and we stayed up until… I don’t remember, but not before 4a.m. I went straight to sleep until the next morning after Tuomas dropped Duong and I in Valkeakoski in the early afternoon. Or was it in the same morning? My memory about it is vague now. What stayed was the excitement, the fun, the craziness, and the exhaustion. So it seems that, although I’m against staying up late, most of the time I stayed up extremely late would stick with something very dear to me.

Most of my day was spent with Dream High. It is a nice K-drama, which makes me want to watch continuously not because “When will this annoying part pass?”, but because it is indeed interesting to watch. I laughed a lot. I think it will become one of the K-dramas I will watch again at some point.

I went to Linh’s place to meet up with her and Nhung at around 9p.m. Considering the hour and my stomach schedule in needing food, it was absolutely too late to have dinner. I had it at home already, but Nhung’s cooking convinced me to have a bit of spaghetti and fried chicken.

The closest plate was mine, the next was Nhung's, the furthest (and fullest) was Linh's. : D

We watched Dream High ep 9 after “dinner”. We finished a box of peaches during the time. I went home after that, with hope to go to sleep soon (which obviously was not the case).

Anyway, because the school was closed when I went there today, I will need to get back again. So, let’s go to sleep for real. Really, I have to get my sleep back to order. I blame this on NRJ. :”)


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