Back to school.

I was back to school today to attend the Thesis Guidance Seminar. I wasn’t at school the whole last year, so it felt nice to be back to see some familiar and smiley faces.

There are 3 directions for me to choose for my final thesis. One is to write for AIESEC. Second is to write for GPD. Third is about setting up my own business. Dawn said she could help with the second one. Harri T. said the 3rd one relates directly to my career, so it’s also worth trying. Then later on when we sat in group, Dawn said we should write about what we’re interested in, because the final thesis most probably will turn out badly otherwise. So it left me with pretty much my last option. But if I go for it, what about my poor Finnish and my lack of money as well as experience? I don’t really know… Let’s see after I meet individually with Dawn.

Ngoc and I went to Papachi for kebab. I don’t have any problem with Papachi, but I ate with Linh there the day before yesterday, then ate pizza in Deniss after that. I was so full that I thought I wouldn’t be able to touch kebab for a month. However, it’s kind of our tradition for us to go to Papachi every time anyone of us visits Valkeakoski. So in the end, we went there. Only after we finished and stepped out, Ngoc told me she actually wanted to eat from Hesburger, too. I was like, “What stopped you from telling me that?!?! T___________T”. Well, anyway, we had fun and agreed on talking about all the eating options before going next time.

Ngoc ~ : D

On the way walking back home, I talked on the phone with Linh. We suddenly remembered there was possibility for the police station to close visa service on Tuesday and Wednesday. It turned out to be true. This means I’m going to hand in my visa papers even later than late, because it expired today. Dean and Linh told me to be relaxed because it was late already and there’s nothing I can do now, but still… :-<

On the bright side, (this is not related but it’s a good news anyway) I managed to get in touch with Make Up For Ever in Finland. From Helsinki, they emailed me saying that they can send Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation in shade 65 by post to me, and I can pay for it as well as the shipping cost when I collect it in the post office. I’m so happy! Even if the foundation turns out to be not as good as I expected, I’ll still be glad because then I will know it for sure. If I hadn’t be able to get it, I would not be satisfied with anything else. I hope Louis hasn’t bought it yet. He promised to help me with buying it from US. Well, if he did, it would not be a problem for me to get another one, muwhahaha!

Wait, why did I need an evil laugh?


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