Autumn experiment.

It suddenly occurred to me some days ago that, I hadn’t tasted watermelon even once during summer. I was like, “Did it really happen to me?”. Sadly, yes. So to cover for my hugeeee mistake, I went and bought watermelon today, which cost 0,99€/kg.

It would be weird to carry it with me to the forest, plus the possibility of dropping it off while running back and forth would be high, so I took the photos inside. I would not say I’m satisfied with these photos, but it was too difficult to wait. The watermelon was too attractive. I finished it before a perfect shot was taken.

*accidentally taken : p

*bonus ^^

I was tempted to do a Dutch braid (I’m still not sure. Is it what it’s called?) when I saw Erika did her hair when we were “on mission” of promoting HAMK in Germany. It looked so good on her and she did it super quick. She taught me how to do it, but I couldn’t learn it with my hair.

At that time, I really thought I didn’t do it correctly. So when I saw Jen has a tutorial called Dutch Braided Bangs, I jumped in to watch immediately.

Then I realized I didn’t do it wrong. Erika told me I did it well but I didn’t believe. Only after 1,5 years I realized it was simply because my hair was different and I didn’t have enough of practice, I led myself to the belief I did it wrong. How silly me, huh? And how much a belief can do to a person.

After the “realization”, I had some practice and finally gathered enough confidence to bring it out to the… supermarket. It was not perfect but it didn’t have to. As Jen said, it’s perfect already for a bad hair day.

Time passes by so fast, doesn’t it? It’s already weekend. Party and Cabaret, anyone? : p


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