Some clarifications on what kind of music I like, and Đóa Hoa Tình – Don.

Some people who don’t know me for a long time, might be put under the impression that I only listen to “high class” music. I don’t say it is wrong or not, because it depends a lot on your definition of what is high and what is low.

I generally don’t have a fixed standard of what I listen to. The question people usually ask is “What kind of music do you listen to?”, and I can only say “I will know when I listen to it”. I don’t listen to any specific genres, I’m not a fan (with true meaning of this word) of any artists/groups. I can like a song as a whole or just some aspects (it might be meaningful lyrics, or catchy melody, or creative video clip, etc). Sometimes I like some songs the first time I hear, and sometimes it takes longer for me to like it.

I think what important here is to not have prejudice. To not raise your eyebrows and have doubtful look, go away immediately, have thoughts or say it out loud “That must not be good!” when somebody tells you about this genre, this music from that country, this singer, this band. To not narrow yourself down and just listen to something which is already in your favorite list, because new things can surprise you in a good way. And especially, to not be embarrassed of what you like.

Because, “Nghĩ tận cùng, sáng tác sâu sắc hay cạn cợt đều nói đúng tâm trạng con người, tuỳ từng khoảnh khắc.” (Nơi Mặt Trời Đến – Phan Hồn Nhiên). (Think about it to the end, deep or shallow creations both reflect human’s emotions, depending on each moment at the time).

This video clip Đóa Hoa Tình by Don is an example of a non-high class music that I like. I think it is lovely in both its melody and lyrics, and even the video clip itself is cute.

This is the sequel of Vọng Cổ Geisha, which was also a song I didn’t think I like, but it turned out I did (thanks very much to anh Phanxine for introduce it to his readers).


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