After School – mature beauty.

I started knowing After School when I was practice dancing with Dean and the others. Dean said After School was the only Korean group which he liked about the dancing part. It made me curious on why, then came the needed patience to get to know them despite the first “I don’t like it” impression.


Once I knew them, I could see them differentiate themselves quite well with other cute and baby-doll girl groups. Their dance moves are firm and strong, yet still sexy and attractive. Of course there are times when they appear to be “cute” sometimes, too, but they are female and they don’t act like teenagers anyway.

Not only the way they dance, I also like the catchy rhythm in their songs. Except for Bang! which took me a while to get used to, other songs are more ear-friendly. I actually listened and liked them first before watching the videos or live performance on YouTube.


live performance

Because of You

video clip (with eng sub)

live performance


official video clip

live performance

What I was confused about After School was their group members. With all the adding, changing and splitting in a group which I didn’t know so well, it was difficult to keep track. They currently have 8 members, in which I know 3. The first one is Uee, I knew her from K-drama You’re Beautiful. The second is Kahi (leader). I have no idea how I spotted her out from other members. I guess I knew the fact Kahi is the leader first, then I watched the clips and she appeared to have that spark. The third one is Raina, who was the main character in Shampoo video clip. Now that they split the group into two with different concept (After School Red for firm, powerful and sexy, and After School Blue for cute and bright), it’s easier to notice the members. (Orange Caramel was also a sub-group from After School. I didn’t pay attention to it, so no comment on that.)

Into the Night Sky – After School Red

official video clip

Wonder Boy – After School Blue

official video clip

Into the Night Sky – After School Red and Wonder Boy – After School Blue live performance

I look forward for more songs from them ~


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