Bad Girl – SNSD (Girls’ Generation).

On the day when Gee reached #58 and Bad Girl peaked #69 on YouTube Most Viewed chart, I suppose it’s a suitable day to talk about Bad Girl.

I have to admit that I was quite disappointed when I first watched Bad Girl video clip. It felt like missing bits and bits of everything: the girls’ dance didn’t seem to synchronize together as if they didn’t have enough practice, the choreography was weird and gave the impression the song was divided to unattached pieces, the song didn’t really stand out except for the “oh oh oh oh oh” in chorus. Actually, that part was the only reason why I came back, watched and listened to it more.

After a while, I can say I like the song. Not as much as other songs, but I do like it. The dance does have some difficult moves, just that the uniqueness is too straight-to-the-face and controversial (I think it’s funny to put it to the song). People tend to notice it more than other parts which should be recognized and appreciated. Well, when the video clip was made that way, viewers cannot be blamed on noticing the obvious. Even if SM has low budget for this, I still think they shouldn’t make it so clearly.

All in all, I’m now waiting for their come-back to Korea on September.

Official video clip:

Live performance:


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