Weird dreams.

©2007-2011 ~cathydelanssay

Somewhere near 5a.m, I woke up and cried.

I dreamed of something I don’t remember what. I can only remember I dreamed 2 dreams at once.

And loneliness.

I thought of Doina, when she told me about it.

I thought, “So Doina, now I can say I really understand what you meant, I know how you feel”.

I kept crying until I fell asleep again, and dreamed again.

In this dream, I met a friend.

He went ahead of me.

I tried to catch up, but I lost.

It was a long road. The light drizzle was falling.

I went through a shop and came out to an alley. He was there.

I hugged him.

Remembered his shirt was so white. Wondered why it was him. Wondered if there’s any other colors in the dreams rather than black and white.

Wondered if there’s any of my dreams that is not weird.


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