Love, Hate (Bad Oppa/Oppa Nappa) – Seohyun, Jessia, Tiffany (SNSD/Girls’ Generation)

After overwhelming myself by trying to remember and match After School members’ names and faces (still mixing between JooYeon and Lizzy though), I decided to turn to something soft, soothing, with the faces I have enough confidence with. Love, Hate was the choice.

I knew the song when SM uploaded the official video clip to YouTube. At the time, I didn’t really know any of them, except for the fact that they are SNSD members. Although Truc clearly showed she didn’t have any appreciation for this song, I liked it nearly immediately (not right the first time, but enough for me to listen to it for the 2nd time, and 3rd,…).

Later on, I realized the song was known more as Bad Oppa or Oppa Nappa than Love, Hate. I kind of like “Bad Oppa” the most. 8->

Official MV

Live performance


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