Currently getting to know: Bang Yong Gook.

I got to know Bang Yong Gook with I Remember which he sang with Yang Yo Seop (from Beast) first because it was showed on YAN TV. However, I really started noticing and getting back to him only until I listened to Going Crazy which he sang with Song Ji Eun (from Secret). Excellent rapper, I thought.

Honestly, both of the songs gave me this kind of face : | and this impression [ö…] when their video clips reached the end. I would definitely prefer listening to the songs rather than watching the MVs. Although they created distinct story lines and it showed they did put much effort in, the endings for both songs were just… Well, I don’t know what to comment here.

Going Crazy – Song Ji Eun (Secret) ft. Bang Yong Gook

Download here.

Official MV

Live performance

I Remember – Bang Yong Gook ft. Yang Yo Seop (Beast)

Download here.

Official MV


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