In a blink of an eye…

… weekend passed.

We went to the place by the lake where we had the nearly-drowning incident last year to have barbecue this time. Thinking about what happened over a year ago and the beautiful moments we currently have, I’m thankful.

What I missed was to take a photo for all of us today. We had in total of 12 people, but I took photos mostly for Yrsa… :”) Well, next time I will try to remember it. : p

Spaghetti made by Truc ~

Yrsa, inside her new box with a carrot : D

Yrsa making new friends 8->

Happy family ; ))

Yrsa finally decided to eat her carrot. From that point, no one can stop her. :")

Beautiful Truc & Dieu :")

Cute Linh & Na :")

Yrsa "back to nature" ~

Yrsa & her owner ^^

Mischievous Nhung. I'm glad to see your smile : ). By the way, this green hoodie that goes with your black coat looks chic & nice ^^

Na, Nhung & Truc : D

Smile ~

Cheese ~

Tiny little small, but affordable for 12 people. Isn't it adorable?

*taken by Na. ^^

Ready to go home? : D

Fruity yogurt cake, baked by Nhung ^.^


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