“You are the only exception”…*

I go out a lot these days so there’s really little time for me to write. Actually, I have 3 posts in Drafts which I haven’t been able to finish. They are all long, in which one is quite heavy (it took me some time to think whether I should write it, and some more time to think whether I should publish it). Anyway, blogging is not as important as being with friends, especially now when Linh is going to Luxembourg.

On the way to visit Nhung’s place, I passed by my favorite corner. It was still green all around but I know it won’t be for long.

During the evening + night, we enjoyed poached salmon with rice, and green tea ice-cream for dessert. They were all made by Nhung, of course. :”)

I was a bit disappointed because Nhung and Linh didn’t seem to remember any more After School members rather than the ones they knew already, but then we had good time with Original Sin. Linh and I agreed to watch it since Nhung said it’s “drama and romance”. She forgot to tell us about the “mystery and thriller” part. Or actually, her definition of “thriller” is a bit different… Linh and I were not prepared mentally, so it was quite interesting – I meant the movie itself and our reaction while watching it. All in all, Original Sin is a movie that’s worth being recommended. Some noted moments include:

– Of course, if my deception has altered your intentions, if you are not interested in marrying a wealthy man…
– No, I think I could manage, if you could manage a somewhat prettier wife.
– I’ll make the effort.

– I’ve just killed a man.
– And I just bought a hat.

– What about him? (the police pointed to the guy that was shot on the ground)
– (Bonny, turned and shot him again) He’s dead.

Today, despite the rain, Nhung, Linh and I went to Tampere, then to Idea Park. Nhung knew for the first time the power of American Diner :”).

We bought at least something for each of us. I finished my visa application and got new VR card. I would say it was a successful trip.

Since my throat was sore and I could not say anything (they couldn’t hear my whispers :-S), Nhung and Linh sang The Only Exception for me (they knew I could not stop them). It was hilarious, and fun.

And felt like infinity.


*Quote from The Only Exception – Paramore lyrics.


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