See you again. : )

An apple box from nowhere : D

A cat with cute sleeping pose 8->

Can you believe this is Truc? :")

Linh & Truc...

... & behind the scene :")

Truc trying to be the link for the heart : D or actually trying to break it away : - ?

If the sky is not blue, we can make one on our own. : )

This is the real Truc. :")

Isn't she a beauty? :")

Painted ladybug rock ❤

*made by Nhung :")

Although the day was quite gloomy (cloudy, windy and cold with very little sunny time), we still went out to take pictures. I guess the girls thought it didn’t feel right for me to go alone, and Truc joined us reluctantly (she couldn’t get back to Dieu and Huy’s place at the time). Anyway, thank you, girls.

I hope you will have safe and sound and enjoyable trips. Love you. :*


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