Happy bee.

A day full of activities.

I wondered why everything had to happen on Monday. After being relaxed during the weekend, it’s quite ironic to run around right away while the rest of the week seems to be normal.

Anyway, it was good. I got to see Linh once again before she flied :”) to Luxembourg. Went to school again to study mathematics with 1st year student (I find this funny but not embarrassing. Mathematics has always been my weakest point) and talked to Phat (I will call Nhung’s boyfriend Lucas from now on, instead of Phat, since there are 2 Phats now : D) a little bit more. I was back to dancing after a long time. Then I studied Finnish in Tampere. Finally and unexpectedly (thanks to the rain), I stayed at Dean’s place for a while and had good time with people who are living there – Dean, Na, Lam, Long, Phat, and Yrsa.

I like it when my schedule is full like that. Of course it was nice to hang around and have fun with friends day after day, but I felt useless and insecure. As long as my schedule is not fully-packed like when I was working full-time as if I have no other life, I think I would be a happy bee.

And I got to know something I wish I didn’t. Since the moment I listened to it, I just felt… blank. I just wish I didn’t know. Well, now, I can’t do anything about it anymore. Why does this world need to be so round? : )


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