Things never seem to go as planned (at least, to me).

There shouldn’t be the 4th reserved post, so I’ll write for today first, then fill up the previous ones later. Hopefully I’ll still remember what I wanted to write for those days. : D

My original plan was to stay home today, since my to-do list is getting longer and there’s no sign of decreasing at any point. In the end, I went out to take part in the Freshmen Party and went to Idea Park. It’s not like promising to myself help at all.


The purpose of the Freshmen Party was for Vietnamese students who are currently studying in HAMK International Campus getting to know each other. Honestly speaking, I still don’t remember who is who. I mean the first year students, because there are too many of them. It took me a while to remember first year students last year (they’re now second year), and there are even more this time round. Well, at least I know none of them is younger than me, which makes greetings easier. If we’re to know each other more, time will take care of it.

Barbecue at that place made me miss last time when Linh and Truc were still here. Like when we went to Black and White party without them. I miss miss miss them, a lot. “Things change. Friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody”*…

After getting some tiny pieces of the food, I brought my nearly empty stomach to Idea Park. We (Dean, Dung Dinh, Ngoc Pham, and I) went with Antti’s car, and Nhung went by bus. I had to “abandon” Dean and Nhung in the middle to get something in Hesburger, because I didn’t have breakfast nor lunch, and my stomach of course was not satisfied with the amount of food I gave it before. Maybe it was a good idea to not marinate the food because it would be too much, but I think 2 disposable barbecue pots should be used instead of the one we used today. The food would be grilled faster and distributed better for everyone. Or was the food really little that no one was full? I hope at least the ones who stayed, they had enough food for themselves.

Talking about Idea Park, as usual, I went with the thought that I didn’t need to buy anything. And as usual, I never came back empty-handed. I bought an Eucerin moisturizer (because my skin is oily and the moisturizers I have at the moment don’t function as I expect), a box of Panadol Hot (this one doesn’t give me allergic reaction, thanks to Annina that I got to know it), a basket (to put stuffs in to bring along when I go to sauna), a box of chicken thighs (30% off), and a small yogurt box. Nhung bought the things she wanted, too. They were the same thing she wanted last time when she went with Linh and I to Idea Park but we didn’t let her buy them. She found some better deals today so anyway, that was good. I’m glad for her. She reminded me of myself. When I really like something, it’s difficult to stop me from buying it. Nhung has better characteristic though, in a way that she won’t buy it if the price is too high to fit with the item worth. And she does “market research” better.

Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day.

I nearly forgot this photo. This is Dung Dinh, trying to lure Yrsa out. : D


*Quote from The Perks of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky.


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