In a way, it was different.

Monday was supposed to be quite busy, but it turned out to be not so much.

I forgot to set the alarm clock and overslept. Of course, I missed the appointment with the hair-dresser. We rescheduled  for the next appointment to be in 2 weeks. That place has been so full since summer for some reason…

I went to school for Mathematics and to Tampere for Finnish, no dance class. It’s weird now when I study these basic subjects again, it feels clearer and easier to understand than before. It was the same for some other subjects. So then, either my brain functions better when I get older, or my focus has found its way back to me.

When I was in Finnish class in Tampere, I got so hungry that I’m afraid my stomach would make noise. I sat in the first row so it would be even worse. It was not even half-time of the class, then I had to wait for the bus, and had to take the bus back to Valkeakoski. I don’t know about other people, but I think the questions about food (what do I eat today?, when can I have breakfast/lunch/dinner?, when and what can I eat in between the meals?, etc) take half of the time per day for me. I made an agreement with Na that I would visit her to have dinner on Monday and Wednesday after my Finnish class, because I don’t know when I would have dinner if I go home straightaway and cook for myself.

Yesterday I was at that “Full House” until around 11:30p.m. At first, it was just me and Na talking to each other when I was eating. Then Phat came home at some point and joined us. Dean, Long, and Lam also went out of their rooms. We mostly was just talking to each other. It was fun, except for the ghost stories at the end. That was cruel! It’s good that my place is close, and the streetlights are on all the time at night from their place to mine.

I woke up late today. This time, intentionally.

I went to “Full House” to help Dean recording a video. He choreographed for Bao Thy. A video of him dancing to the song should be recorded and sent back to Vietnam. I like the song, and I think the dance would fit well to Bao Thy.

“Running for my life” to the bus stop, I managed to catch the bus. Duong got in later on and we talked all the way to Tampere. Listened to her talking, I wonder if I would really do things differently if I were her. I wonder since when things get complicated, or they were complicated before but I didn’t know. Anyway, good people are good people. That fact wouldn’t change even if some other people said it otherwise.

When I got to Tampere, I met with Doina. I haven’t met her for such a long time, ever since I stopped working! At first I thought she was not at all different with how she was (at least, from the outside) when I left, but then I felt that she was much happier. We went to Thai Laos restaurant and had a nice chat. I think it was kind of short actually…

Doina took spicy prawn soup (tom yum?) : D

I took stir-fried prawn with sweet and sour sauce and vegetables, served with rice. Looking at this makes me want to go back to eat again... T___________T

We also had jasmine tea. ❤

This time, for the first time ever, I wore my make-up to meet Doina. Apart from the eye-liner which was quite obvious, I was curious to see if she could recognize it : p. I suppose she didn’t until I told her I did. Can I count it as a success? 8->


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