The meaning of…

It stopped raining.

The temperature dropped down under 10°C.

It was unexpectedly cold, the kind of cold you think would come sometime later. You don’t know when that “later” will be, but certainly not now.


On Thursday, I went to the dance class, then we went to Nhung’s place to bake a type of cake that I still don’t know the name.

On Friday, I met with Brown, Doina, and Mikko A.. And Rodrigo with his girlfriend (surprisingly).

On Saturday, I came to the Asian shop late, and Trang offered me to visit her adorable cats Onni and Casper.


I thought, I would need only these.

These moments, these people, this period of time in my life.

Then, from the back of my mind, patient like the waves of the ocean, there’s a voice whispering


“Don’t lie to yourself

don’t lie to yourself



5 thoughts on “The meaning of…

  1. The moment you will feel completely happy you will probably be dead:). Happiness is an ideal, and the problem is that even if we have found it what drives us on is the thought and hope that there is always something else, something more. Happiness is a complicated issue. You can learn to be happy with what you have but some people also choose not to make any compromises. Just allow yourself to feel what you feel and fight for what you think really makes you happy. As time goes by you change and your definition of happiness will change too:) so when it comes to this you can never be greedy or selfish. It’s just the way things are:)

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