Those things

“Full House” members have just given me a heart-attack when Lam suddenly told me Phat wanted to specifically have me paint his nails, so Phat would come here to my place to take me over there, and Lam would come along just to make sure. I was like, “Are you serious???? It’s nearly 11p.m!!!!”. I asked Na, she confirmed they were going to do it for real, and I immediately thought “They have officially gone crazy!”. How lucky, it was a joke! Gosh, Lam makes every jokes look real and everything real looks like a joke.

Well, the normal and happy thing which happened to me today was that I received the Green Daisy Tights from Kling. It has some sort of fragrance which surprised me when I opened the envelop. Gonna wear it with a green Mango top and a green Len Saigon cardigan in different shades : D. It came together with a card and a shopping bag. The bag has this text:


those things that you truly believe in.

Those things that have this

incredible power to drive


self beyond where you always thought.

It’s time to walk ahead and reach this that you always had in your head.



Isn’t it love? It’s not so big but it actually could carry most of the stuffs I bought from all 3 supermarkets: Lidl, K, and S. Na gave me a shopping bag (fold-able to be a wallet) yesterday and today I get this. Could it mean I’ll receive more money to make good use of these bags? *blink blink eyes* 8->

I also managed to talk to Hang. As she warned me beforehand, it was pretty long. No wonder why she wouldn’t want to use sms method. I hope she will be fine. No. Of course, she will be fine.

Watched some After School videos (especially PlayGirlz School) and my mood is soooo good now! Ha!


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