Nearly 20°C and sunshine!

I received my polaroid camera yesterday. I visited Nhung’s place after dancing class so the first picture was taken there. It was the photo of a tomato, although you can’t really recognize it in that first failing attempt. Anyway, it was definitely a memo.

The plan for the second photo was to take photo of my nails. I was losing again and again in playing cards (I used to just watching people playing, but yesterday the “Full House” members didn’t let me be that way anymore), and the punishment was to paint my nails with the nail polish I brought them the other day (gave myself a taste of my own medicine!). However, it was quite late when we finished so the punishment was delayed.

Today was surprisingly a beautiful day. The temperature was somewhere near 20°C with the sun shining brightly. To not waste the valuable day, Na and I went out to take photos. The second polaroid photo was taken for Na.

In the end, three more were taken for me and one for Dean. He passed by where Na and I were to take a photo of him with a stone, then he left…

Apart from that, we took many more photos with Na’s Sony point-and-shoot and my Canon 500D. I don’t know how I can show the photos I took with my polaroid (Scan? Take them again with my Canon?) and I’m lazy to re-size all the rest of the photos… Well, this is one.

I know I should process the photos and everything, but it just takes too much time. -.-”

Gonna sleep early today. I need to wake up early tomorrow and go out to take photos again. :”)


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