Tired but happy.

Because of the “watching stars” session, I slept only for about 3~4 hours. Preparing myself for about an hour, then I caught a bus to Tampere with Na, Long, Lam, and Phat. It was raining cats and dogs. Anyway, we managed to do some shopping as planned. Unexpectedly (and pleasantly), a super duper cute girl came to Na and I when we were resting in Stockmann. We couldn’t resist but took 2 photos: one of her (her name is Kira, isn’t it adorable?), one of her with her mother. We gave her mother the second one while keeping the first. After coming back to Valkeakoski, I went to dancing class. Lam and Phat went together with me. We went back to “Full House” afterwards, with me being exhausted. I felt dizzy (lack of sleep), had stomachache (eat too little during the day), and had a bit of pain in my thighs (danced too excitedly).

Matti drove me home, and I have been reading and listening to K-pop until now.

Tired, but happy.


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