It’s a beautiful Saturday. The sun shines and the temperature doesn’t get too low.

Although I went to bed early, I still woke up late. It was not a straight sleep. I woke up several times in between, dreamed several dreams. Tired and lonely.

It got better after waking up. I read news on allkpop, had “breakfast”, took a bath, while listening to random music all the time. It feels good – me by myself.


Linh uploaded some photos she took in Luxembourg.

“What a beautiful life”, I thought. As long as you have a camera and a good book, it seems like you are ready to go. Whenever. Alone.

And I miss her.


On Thursday, because I was hungry, Dean told me to take whatever from the fridge. He said I now have that privilege.

Na and Lam have been telling me to visit “Full House” every evenings.

They have been so warm to me.


Esthetique released not only one but two new Angel Manual chapters. I have no words to describe how happy I was. If Chobits is my favorite anime, Angel Manual would definitely be my all-time-favorite manga. I can’t really explain why I love it so much. Just that, every time I read it, there’s some sort of soft, sad, and happy feeling combined at once. It melts my heart.


“Ah, but what if it does”…


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