My Internet connection magically disappeared and magically came back yesterday. It didn’t make much different for the day since I didn’t need it anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it’s such an important issue to put myself under the pressure of posting at least an entry per day. Because, life can simply beautiful (or even more beautiful) without the Internet, can’t it?

After rescheduling the appointment several times which took us around 2 weeks or more, Duong and I could finally meet up. We decided to go to Idea Park. For shopping, of course. And eating, and talking. It’s kind of sad to listen and not be able to be of any help. Once in a while I ask myself, what’s the point of telling people to freely pour their problems to me, then just leave it at that? People say it’s okay to be silently there. I can’t seem to do so. It doesn’t seem like enough. Always.

I hope the situation gets better for her. She deserves to be happier.

It was after midnight when I got home (certainly as expected, because I was at “Full House”). The wind was blowing fiercely (which made the yellow leaves flying crazily all over the place) when I was outside, and it started raining shortly after I got inside. I was lucky, obviously. I can rarely get that kind of luck. But I miss Home. I was at home, and I miss Home. So bad. How lonely, how sad, how true.


There’s a person I haven’t met for about 10 months. I intentionally lost the chance to meet that person not long ago. Still, when I saw him online, it felt as if I was at a halt. I had to try to sip some oxygen. I hate it. I hate seeing myself being under the influence power of these people. They don’t even know.

One day, I will not be afraid anymore. Not to prove anything.





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