“Eventually, everything goes away”.*

Last week, I came over to Doina’s place for a girls’ night. We improvised a dinner with vegetables, shrimps, and fish. Kiwi for dessert, then popcorn while watching Eat, Pray, Love (in big screen at home!). We talked about how we have been (in candle light :”)), too.

I had another girls’ night on Friday of the same week at Van’s place. She was my classmate at HAMK, and she’s going back to Vietnam for good. We went to a coffee shop and a bar, then came back to watch K-on (an anime which is very lively and fun) until around 4 or 5a.m on Saturday. The alarm clock was set to be at 11a.m, but the conversation in bed went like: “Do you want to sleep more?”, “Are you sleepy?”, “How about you?”. We woke up at around 12p.m. After having “breakfast”, we went out to take some photos, and passed by Anttila. When we were back home, I helped Van cutting the cherry tomatoes while she cooked spaghetti. We watched some more K-on during “dinner”, then I said goodbye to her and wish her good luck before I left the place to catch the bus.

I love girls’ nights.

Taken and retouched by Van. I have a photo I took of Van which I liked, but I don't know how to make it as pretty as this.

I arrived “Full House” at around 7p.m. Some 2-year students were there in celebration for Lam’s birthday. Na went to Dean’s room (Dean and Phat were not home) after having dinner, so I stayed there with her. Long came back and forth between Dean’s room with us and living room with other people. It actually felt nice and cozy, just us in the yellow light of the small room.

At around 1:30a.m, I could finally go home. However, I only started sleeping at around 8a.m on Sunday.

I slept for about 4 hours. I don’t remember what I did during the afternoon, but I remember going to “Full House” to try out the tent. It was absolutely hilarious. We played cards and Uno inside the tent in the living room. Imagine that?

I went to sleep late and woke up early to go to supermarkets with other people. After breakfast, Na went with me to my place to wrap the birthday gift for Lam.

Na under the autumn tree, holding a random branch. :")

The sun was shining beautifully so we took some photos on the way. While taking photos of some flowers of an apartment, a man came out and talked to us in Finnish. It was surprising to me that I could understand most of the things he said.

Wrapping the gift was really fun. Each layer of paper and ribbon we put on, they needed just a bit more to fill up the need-to-cover parts. Three layers, the same thing happened. I couldn’t help but smiling now when I think back about our reactions, how hard we laughed, and how we tried to fix it. I missed 2 buses because of that.

So on Monday 24th October, at around 10p.m, we were quite ready to go. Even when I was in Matti’s car going to the place, I still couldn’t believe we were doing it for real: camping overnight in the cold. Phat hadn’t come back yet so he didn’t join, but all the rest of us (Dean, Na, Long, Lam, and I) did. Matti helped us a lot with equipment (flashlights, coal, mattresses, and sleeping bag) and transportation. He didn’t stay the whole time though.

The barbecued pot was borrowed from Nhung and Lucas. The food we bought in the morning and was prepared by Na and Lam, became indeed delicious. Dean played music from his iPod. We gave the gift to Lam, intentionally insisted him to open it outside in the dark :”). After finish eating the food, we went inside the tent to play Uno. Then we went to sleep.

I actually couldn’t sleep, like, at all. My sleeping rhythm was already messed up before (I usually went to bed at 12a.m, but only fell asleep at around 5 or 6a.m, and woke up at 12p.m). Moreover, my feet were cold. Once in a while, my whole body got cold, too. It was a miracle I didn’t catch a cold from that night. Then the snoring orchestra was definitely something to remember : D. Only after Na’s alarm clock rang, I could sleep for a little while.

Poor Lam, he couldn’t sleep neither. Very nice way to begin a new age. Well, at least, he managed to make 4 other people do his crazy idea with him. : D

At 9a.m or something on Tuesday, we were at “Full House” again. I went home after that to wash my hair and have something for breakfast. Done with what I needed to do, I went back there since Na seemed to be very much interested in playing cards (tá lả). However, Long and Lam went to sleep already, so I just read book on my usual armchair. Na handed me Phat’s blanket because I was cold. At some point, I fell asleep.

Na and I caught the 2:40p.m bus to Idea Park. I wanted to buy a new pair of boots since my old one had the zip broken. In the end, we both bought the same pair of boots for each of us from Bianco Footwear. I can wear it with both dresses and jeans, and it surprisingly makes the legs look slender. Just later on I realized, the heels make quite a noise as I walk. Furthermore, they’re slim. Despite the fact that they’re not high at all, I’m afraid I won’t be able to use this pair to walk down the hill when the snow falls.

Nothing special happened on Wednesday, except that I went back to Finnish class. It felt so long since last time I was there. Ooh no, the most memorable thing was we ate the cake Dean made on Monday for Lam’s birthday.

On Thursday, we woke up early to go shopping for the evening. After that, Na and Lam went straight to the kitchen to prepare, Phat vacuumed the apartment, while Dean and I were getting ready for the video shooting. I don’t know what Long did.

Talking about the video shooting, when Dean called me on Tuesday, he asked if I could “help” him. As usual, I said yes, thinking I would just take some behind-the-scene photos. To my surprise, it turned out that I would appear in the video. Another surprise was, according to the plan, my face would not appear, but it actually did. The weather was cold. I was hungry. I had to wear summer clothes (sleeveless shirt and shorts) and a freaking high pair of boots (it was not even wedge, but a pair of pointy heels which made holes everywhere on the soil) and run with it. The grass was not as soft as you thought it would be when you fell on it. I was not angry (and am still not) or trying to complain, but it worn me out terribly. I wonder why Dean decided to make such an effort for the contest. The prize, in my opinion, is not rewarding at all. Thinking about how tired I was (I don’t know about Antti who was in charge of filming), it must be 10 times more for him. It doesn’t seem like “just for fun”. Is it “passion”?

I helped Na and Lam in preparing the food when I was back to “Full House”. Dean went to Tampere to teach his dancing class there. Nhung and Lucas came sometime later. After “the feast” (which had cơm chiên, cháo gà, gỏi bắp cải, & nem), we played cards (tiến lên). At around 8:30p.m when Dean went home, we brought out the apple cake which Nhung baked for Lam’s birthday. Nhung asked whether it was like the one we baked together during Nhung’s 1st year, but I honestly didn’t remember the taste since it was such a long time ago (approximately 2 years). It didn’t really matter since the one Nhung baked this time was yummy.

We changed to play Uno so that Dean could also join.

I left at 11p.m.

These 2 days, I have been doing nothing but sleep and laze around. When I finish this post, I hope I will feel a bit better about myself.

I wonder how Hang is now. I have been chatting with her frequently these days. One of the times, she gave me lots of advice. I simply said yes.

If only my actions could also be changed that easily…


*Title is a quote from Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert.


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